Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spring in Fiordland

Today at Nature Discovery Spring was certainly in the air. Isabella and Georgia found a very small egg on the ground " and actually it was very nice it was a nice green colour - I know what came out of it - there was a yolk and a baby bird - I think it might be a thrush egg." said Georgia
"A baby bird was inside it and hatched out of it - and the baby bird eats yolk inside the egg "They have to peck on the egg all night because the egg is so strong, and when they start to get bigger in the egg and then it hatches and then comes out the baby bird". said Georgia
T"hen they have to learn to fly." said Isabella

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Whisper Jet lands in Te Anau

Today the Nature Discovery children went to the Te Anau airport to see the first whisper jet land. They got to see the Fire Brigade hose it in water for a warm Southland welcome. The two highlights of the trip were the ride in the Trip and Tramps van and the helicopter pilot letting them go on his big helicopter.
Ben said, "The fire engines sprayed water on the jet plane to welcome it back. They put the ladder down and the door opened. The helicopter was big but I couldn't hear a thing with the ear muffs on my ears."
Callum said, "I liked watching the door open and the people come out. It was fun on the helicopter."