Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Down in the Pines

Another great day at Nature Discovery, down in the pines we climbed trees, made a swing, found huhu grubs and big weta's that jumped everywhere! The soil was nice and dry, just right for digging and sliding on. We found blackberries that weren't quite ripe and made a group discussion to keep an eye on them so we can all have a tasty treat when they are ready. Looking at the huhu grubs we had lots of questions and can't wait to investigate these back at Kindy. The insect book was well used to identify every little bug we found. Can't wait for next week!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun in Fiordland

Wednesday 15th February 2012

We had another great day at Nature Discovery, the children decided to go to the Gnuff's house area to play and work. on the way we played 'Hide and Seek' in the long grass.
When we got to the Gnuff house we added to the cubby that they started a couple of weeks ago using the logs that we found on the ground.
With help from Tony, our parent help, we made a seesaw using the logs.
We had lunch in the Gnuff House using rocks and logs as seats.

Chelsea's Story:
"We made a seesaw. We used 4 sticks. One stick on the top to rock on. It was fun cos it just was. We are eating lunch at the hut. We sat on sticks and rocks."

Lukas's Story:
"Bouncing on the bouncer. We made it out of logs. Three logs on the ground and put the long log on top of the 3 logs. We builded a hut and we took a photo. We are eating lunch in the Gnuff house. I sat on a log. We were running down the big hills and we played hide and seek in the long grass."