Sunday, March 10, 2013

Down in the Pines

There was so much to learn and discover today at Nature Discovery.  The children enjoyed looking at all the nursery spider web nests, we even got to see a little baby spider crawl out the tiny holes.  We have lots of questions about these nests and hope do more investigations on them.  Malachey's Dad was kept busy helping children make bows and arrows and then he showed us how to make a flax dart fly it was amazing.  Reid learned that it is okay to crawl on your hands and knees up a steep hill and was very proud of himself when he made it to the top.  Down in the pines there was a range of insects for us to look at, millipedes, black beetles and huhu grubs to name a few.  No one was keen to eat a tasty huhu grub...maybe next time.