Monday, May 13, 2013

A magical day in Fiordland

 It was an absolutely beautiful and magical day down beside Lake Henry today.  We looked at our reflections in the lake and we saw a  big rainbow trout swim by.

Autumn time we discovered is a time for huge magical looking  toadstools,  Sam and Millia had a close look at the white spots on the top.

Malachey thought the Gnuffs (little forest gnomes of Fiordland) might like to listen to some music.  We used cones and the logs from around the fire to make music.

We decided that we would like to have musical logs all the time and that we couldn't use the logs by the fire that we used for the safety bubble so we went up to the Gnuff forest and sawed up some more logs to use and carried them back to the shed.  
They were HEAVY! But team work meant that we could do it.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Nature Discovery Book

We have written a book about our Nature Discovery Programme, it contains amazing photos, international research and our own research on the benefits of this programme.  If you are interested in purchasing this book please contact Kindergartens South on 032140237.

Autumn Fun

Even though we have been exploring Ivon Wilson Park for four years we still manage to find new places that we haven't seen before.  Today we discovered a new and exciting bush area, the children named it Prickly wood because growing in it was blackberry bushes.  Inside Prickly wood there was some trees losing there leaves and we had fun rustling in them which of course attracted the Fantails, one nearly landed on Wade!  Back at the shed we made Damper and checked the stoat trap, there was nothing inside maybe next time.