Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bugs, ladders and stretchers

It was a day of bugs, ladders and stretchers at Nature Discovery.  Bailey brought a bug from home to release at the park, she thought it would be happier there and then we found an amazing green bug that had three little fingers on his antennae.  Using our insect book we tried to identify each bug but further research is required.

Tree climbing was on the agenda for the day and some children found it very easy to pull themselves up to the lower branches others had a wee bit of trouble.  How could we solve this problem without teachers lifting them into the tree?  After brainstorming the children came up with the idea to make a ladder.  But how?  Jenny has just been on holiday in the UK and came back with a wonderful stick book.  So we looked in there and sure enough it had pictures on how to make a ladder.  Working together a ladder was built and Bailey was the first to test it out.    

Jenny's wonderful book also showed us how to make a stretcher using two very big strong sticks and a coat.  We had to experiment with different sticks until we found ones that could do the job.  It was fun having turns carrying each other on the stretcher.  When we went back to the shed we used it to carry some of our stuff back.  There was a lot of laughter as children took turns carrying each other, Jake commented on how easy it was because four children helped pick it up, one on each corner.

It was another magical day.

Monday, November 11, 2013

baby bird

Monday 11th November

What bird could it be?

When we walked through "Pinecone World" the children wanted to see if the hedgehog was still there under the pine needles.  We carefully moved the pine needles with a small stick to search for it where we had buried it.  We couldn't find it until someone shouted, "I can see bones."
Looking closely at them and after some discussion, we decided that they must have been from the hedgehog.  We saw jaw bones with what looked like teeth sticking up from them.

Wade said, "The bones were just left, the rest of the hedgehog in the dirt.  The bones were from his mouth.  I see teeth."

When we were walking towards the climbing trees we discovered a baby bird laying on the path. It was dead and we decided that it must have fallen out of a tree because it was too little to fly.

Lucas's Story:
 "We found a baby bird by the troll bridge.  It died cos it had fallen out from a nest. We dig a hole and bury it cos was feeling sick and died so that why we buried it cos we love it."

Wade's Story:
"We found a baby bird in the middle of the path.  It had fallen out of the nest.  It couldn't fly yet, the wings had some feathers.  I think it was a Thrush or a Starling.  We buried it on the edge of the path so no dogs will eat it. We put a stick standing up by the baby bird where we buried it."

Libby's Story:
"We found a baby bird up the path.  It was dead.  It falled off its nest. I couldn't fly cos its not ready. We buried it cos it was dead."

By burying the baby bird we were learning about empathy and respect towards animals, even in death. The baby bird was safe from anymore harm.