Monday, November 17, 2014

The missing mouse

Monday we found a dead mouse, everyone was excited!  We studied his tiny little claws, teeth and whiskers.  Then came the discussion what do to this mouse.  EsmÄ“ was fascinated with the mouse and wouldn't let it out of her sight it was her that came up this the idea to bury it.  Off we went to find a good place to put the mouse to rest.  One of the other children remembered that last week they had buried a weasel and thought we could put the mouse beside him.  Everyone agreed and so of we went to find the spot.  Once there the digging started.  We found a nice piece of bark to sit the mouse on and EsmÄ“ decorated him with coloured leaves off the gum trees.  It was decided to cover him with a stone so we could come back and look at him without having to dig him up.  Everyone was happy.  On Wednesday the second Nature Discovery group, who had heard about the mouse wanted to go and have a look.  Off we went.  From the photos we found the spot and the stone he was under.  We lifted the stone and... the mouse was gone!! What happened to mouse?  Lots of theories were discussed and it was called the great mouse mystery.  The investigation has started.