Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Stick Insect

Monday 9th February

While we were at the "Bouncy Horses",  Ashen was searching for insects and made an exciting discovery.  On one of the trees was a green Stick Insect, which he carefully picked up to show all of us.
If you want to find bugs of any sort, Ashen is your man, he seems to know where the best places are to find them and has inspired the other children to join him in his searching.

Ashen's Story:
"I found a stick insect.  He was on the tree.  I looked on the tree and I saw it.  He has got 6 legs and he looks like a stick.  I have that in my Bug Book.  He can turn brown because he looks lie a stick.  If he is green he looks like a leaf and rats can't find him."

Well done Ashen, it was a great find and after we all looked at him, you said that we had to put him back where you found him.  We watched him crawl up the high in the tree but we could still see him because he was still green. I wonder if he will be there next week?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Art in the Park

Today it was art in the park.  Children made stick insects out of sticks, wrote their names then went on a colour walk.  It was a relaxed day finding different colours and treasures on the ground that the children could make their rainbow nature pictures with.