Sunday, August 8, 2010

Big Splashes at Nature Discovery

Today at Nature Discovery we made bird feeders.
Caleb said "We spread peanut butter on to a pine cone then we rolled it in bird food and then we hung it up on the tree. I liked making the bird feeders. Shelby's Dad and my Dad helped me, they lifted me up to put it in the tree."
On the way back to the car park we found a big puddle it was too tempting we just had to jump in it. Everybody got really wet and even got water in their Gumboots.
Jacob said "I loved splashing and making other people absolutely wet."
Liam said "I liked splashing and going on my knees in the puddle."
One of the big rocks became a diving board with children jumping off to create bigger splashes. I can't wait for the next Nature Discovery day.

A cold and frosty day at Nature Discovery July 28

Today it was very cold and frosty, we tired to slide down the hill on our bottoms but we couldn't slide down by ourselves so Mrs Shaw pulled us down by our feet. Sophie and Chloe's Dad had a better idea - he got us to hold on to each other and he slid us all together going down backward.
I was so cold we went on a big walk to find some sun, and then walked back to the shed where Hunter was waiting with the fire going. We sat around the fire warmed up and toasted marshmallows.
"I liked toasting the marshmallows on the camp fire" said Chloe
"I liked it when Mrs Shaw pushed me down the mountain it was fun" said Zayla
"Dad was pulling us down the slippery grass, it was tickling my back, it was fun" said Sophie
"I like toasting sausages on the fire, the fire is nice and warm' said Rosebud