Thursday, June 6, 2013

Frosty Fiordland

Wednesday 5th June 2013

We woke up to a big frost this morning. The grass was white and there were ice puddles everywhere.

Jenny discovered a big ice puddle just over the rise from the car park so we decided to investigate it before heading up to the shed.

The ice puddle was covered in patterns and lines, it looked beautiful.

Gabrialla said, "We found ice on the water."

Libby said, "The grass was in the ice."

Maki said, "When it's cold, the water gets into ice on the top."

We poked the ice with sticks and some bubbles appeared.  Then the bubbles moved under the ice and made circle patterns under the ice.

Maki, Gabrialla and Libby said,
"When we smashed the ice it made bubbles.  The bubbles moved under the ice.  We could see them under the ice."

Everyone had fun breaking the ice.  When we picked up the pieces of ice, we could see through them.

Bailey said, "I was splashing the ice, it melted and bubbles was under the water. The bubbles was grey, I was trying to catch the grey bubbles."

Maki said, "Bailey is hitting the ice cos she wants to make a hole.  We wanted to find out what was under the ice.  Water was under the ice."

After having morning tea and a milo at the shed we decided to go find a hill that we could slide down on our sled.

On the way we discovered another big ice puddle below Bunny Hole Hill.  When we tried to break the ice it was much harder than the last ice puddle. When we picked up pieces of the broken ice, it was much thicker.

Dylan said, "I am breaking the ice with a stick.  The ice was cold.  The grass is white because there was ice."

Bunny Hole Hill was very frosty and white.  We tried the sled on the hill and it worked a treat.

Gabrialla, " I was sledding on the white grass.  The grass was white because it was cold and frosty.  It was fun.  It was fast, it was exciting."

Maki said, "They are sledding on the board. They went slow and they went by themselves because it was sliding on the frost."

 Teagan was next to have a turn.  This hill was great to go down because the frost made the sled slide down without anyone needing to pull it.

Bailey said, "Teagan was sliding down on the sled, down the mountain."

On top of Bunny Hole Hill, the sun was shining so we made long shadows on the grass.

Libby said, "We are making shadows from the sun.  The shadows were funny and long."

Maki said, "When we moved, the shadow gets different."

Libby said, "We was making shadows."

Maki said, "We were standing in Jenny's shadow.  We flapped our arms like a steering wheel and a bird."

We tried an experiment to see what would happen if we stood behind each other and moved our arms.  We made an interesting shadow on the ground which was very long indeed.

Maki said, " Our shadow was flying and it was fun and it made it longer than the other shadows.  We need sun to make shadows"

Bailey said, "The shadows look like a apple tree."

Even though it was very cold, we had a great day, discovering ice puddles and experimenting with making shadows on the ground.

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