Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Planting Native Trees in Fiordland

Wednesday 1st July

 The Southland District Council have allocated an area near the shed in Ivon Wilson Park, where is can plant native trees and plants.

They provided us with a number of plants to plant on the day of our Nature Discovery Book Launch in early June.

Since then we have planted 5 more plants which had self seeded in one of the Teacher's garden.

Today was Daniel's last Nature Discovery day so he brought along a tree to plant as a farewell gift.

His Mum, Gillian, said that he spent a long time at the Garden Nursery choosing which plant to buy. He chose one that had some berries on so the birds would have something to eat.

We found a spot to plant it with Daniel digging the hole.  He had many willing helpers, all the children were excited about planting "Daniel's Tree".

 Libby said, "We planted a tree for Daniel cos he is going to School."

Stefan said, "We dug a hole to plant a tree."

Wade said, "John moved the roots around so it can grow."

The children collected some moss to put around the base of the tree to keep it moist and not dry out.  They also arranged 2 or 3 rocks around the tree so that we wouldn't forget where Daniel's tree was planted.

Later on in the morning, we found a small round wooden disc to write Daniel's name and the date on.  With help from his Mum, he tied it onto his tree.

Just look how proud he is!!!!!!!!

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