Monday, March 3, 2014

Stoat traps in Fiordland

Wednesday 26th February

While we were exploring the "Spooky Trail" we discovered 3 stoat traps.

Ben said, " We found an egg in the stoat trap.  I used a torch for to see what was inside the trap.  We went and see'd another stoat trap and we found a rat, it was dead. We walked and walked till we found a stoat trap, we checked it and we looked and looked till  we found all of them - there were three."

Neve's Story
"We found 3 stoat traps in the Spooky Trail.  There were eggs in the stoat traps.  One had a rat in the stoat trap.  We used a torch to look in the stoat trap because we wanted to see the rat."

 Lexi's Story:
"We saw some eggs in a stoat trap. One trap had a rat.  We have traps because there are stoats and they eat the eggs of the fantail.  We used a torch because we can't see the egg in the stoat trap."

Zack's Story, " We found 3 stoat traps in the Spooky Forest.  There were eggs in them but one was a rat.  He was dead.  We don't want them here because we don't want them to eat eggs - bird's eggs.  Dad put stoat traps in the forest because to keep stoats away."

The children were very excited that we had found a rat as, along with stoats,  they know what a danger they are to our precious native birds.  They are very protective of our birds and understand that to keep our birds alive it is important that these predators need to be killed in traps.

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