Monday, January 25, 2016

New Year New Fun

Kia ora kotou and welcome back to Nature Discovery for 2016. As our year begins we welcome five new children to Nature Discovery and wish them many exciting adventures ahead as they explore Ivon Wilson park and its surroundings.

It has been great having so many extra family members joining us over the first two sessions.
On Monday we had 25 people in our group with all of the parents, relatives and siblings, it has been great for our settling children to share their experiences with their families and we welcome anyone who wishes to join us!

As we welcome our new children we also bid goodbye to some of our old timers. Arty and Cass move on to school in the new term. To celebrate the time that they have spent with us, they both planted young trees. We wish Arty and Cass all the best in their new adventures at school and hope that they continue the respect, love and curiosity of the outdoors that they fostered at Nature Discovery.

On Monday we had quite a bit of rain. We love it when it rains at Nature D as the children get to experience their park in a whole new way.There are so many different smells, sounds and textures to enjoy when the weather is wet.
Today the tamariki watched as the rain created porotaka (circles) on Lake Henry.

We also watched as a digger rolled its way through the wet mud along the path. This attracted quite a lot of attention, the tamariki were content to spend quite a long time watching the digger to its job. I wonder what it was up to?

We have had an amazing start to the year, checking out all the small changes that have happened to our much loved park over the long break. We are looking forward to all the the adventures that we will have in the year to come. Welcome back everybody!

It is great seeing some of our new tamariki getting stuck in

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