Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Watering the trees

Third of February

It has been so wera (hot) in Te Anau lately and the team at Nature Discovery today had noticed that the soil was very dry. 
Part of our learning at Nature Discovery is to be good guardians of the land and to take care of the special area that we learn and play in. Noticing how very hot and dry the soil was, we decided to take care of the young trees that we have planted by giving them a bit of a water.

We have a tank at the shed that we can use for this very purpose. The tamariki filled several heavy buckets of water, working in teams of two, to keep the soil around our trees nice and moist.
It was hot and hard work but with teamwork and a positive attitude we got the job done.

After the busy start we decided to retreat from the heat to the coolness of Fern Gully.
Once there we set up the ropes to climb across. We all had a go. Some children were a bit outside the box in their technique but we all made it across the ropes in the end.
Tino pai te mahi!

Post written by Tash

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