Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt

Wednesday was a special day for the Fiordland Kindergarten kids. We had our annual Easter egg hunt. Some of our tamariki were so excited that they had trouble sleeping the night before (as their parents informed us.) The day started well for both groups of children, 
The Nature Discovery group cooked the visiting children a delicious morning tea of cheerios and  Milo and practised a surprise to welcome their peers.
The Nature Discovery group sing a powhiri to welcome their
peers for morning tea.
The group from Kindergarten listen to the powhiri.

The Kindergarten group were excited to catch the bus up to Nature Discovery.
When they arrived they were greeted by the Nature Discovery children and teachers with a wonderful powhiri. Oscar provided the accompaniment on the drum. The Kindergarten group were then welcomed to join their friends for morning tea, which they did with lots of enthusiasm and hugging.

The children share morning tea.

After the tamariki were filled up with sustenance, we split into three groups to go on three separate Easter egg trails to find what the Easter Bunny had left us.
 The object of the hunt was to find the coloured ribbon (clues) that the Easter Bunny had left behind. When we reached each ribbon we stopped and preformed an activity. These activities were lots of fun. There was dancing and singing, hugging trees, telling stories, making letters and patterns with natural art resources and making silly faces. All the while we kept an eye out for the coloured balloons that marked the hiding place of the Easter eggs.
The purple group

The Red Group

The Pink Group

Eventually all of the groups found the Easter Bunny's gifts hidden in an area marked by coloured balloons. They were hard to find, but our tamariki are expert finders! After having a break to share the spoils, we.all reunited back at The Shed. This time it was the group from the Kindergarten who sang a goodbye song to their Nature Discovery friends before heading back to Kindergarten on the bus.

The prize, a basket of eggs

Enjoying the spoils

Our Easter hunt wouldn't have been possible without the support of the families and community of Fiordland Kindergarten. A big thank you to all of the parents who helped us out today and a special thanks to the group of bunny helpers who set the track and the amazing bunny who hid the eggs in just the right places!

Thank you!
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