Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fiordland The New Friday Group

Fiordland Kindergarten is very lucky to have been able to start a third Nature Discovery on a Friday. Over the past two weeks a group of ten new children have been able to be introduced to our Nature Discovery programme. We don't usually have ten new children start at once, but they all took to it really well.
Tracey said that when she took the group for the first time, they were just happy to be outside, to have the freedom of running around in the open space. A lot of that first session was about learning the routines of Nature Discovery and to begin to explore the wide expanse of the park.
Judy took the group on their second session, the following week. During their time at the park they began to learn how to keep themselves safe in the outdoor environment. They went down to the platform where they learned that the teacher has to go first and that they needed to get down on their bellies if they wanted a closer look at the water. Judy said that some of the children really enjoyed looking at their reflections and some even pretended to be fishing. It is a whole different atmosphere being out of the four walls of the Kindergarten and into the vast open space of Ivon Wilson park.
The children have had a great time settling into the Nature Discovery programme.
Thank you to our parent helpers Nigel, Katie, Kiri and Sommer. (Also thank you to  Kiri for the beautiful photographs.)

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