Monday, October 17, 2016

Spring with fiordland Nature Discovery

The blossoms and daffodils are nearly gone but today we discovered more shrubs and trees flowering.
Our beautiful sunshine tree, the favourite of our native birds the tui and the bellbird, the kowhai are in full flower.  Some of the children thought the buds looked like bunches of bananas.  We took time to watch the tui feeding on the flowers and listened to their beautiful song.

Not far from the Kowhai trees we discovered thee tui were feeding from another tree, not a New Zealand native but a tree from australia - the waratah.

Along the trail a bit fruther we discovered the scented purple flower of the pittosoprum, we all had a smell and Mrs Shaw wore some behind her ear.

The rowan tree was just bursting into flower; one of the children noticed a shiny green beetle hiding amogst the blossom.  We discussed what kind it might be - it mostly looked green, but it changed colour in the light.  When we looked very closely its shell looked like a shield.  John said because of that shape it is called a shield beetle.  We think its shell would act like a real sheild to protect it from predators.

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