Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Autumn harvesting in Fiordland

Today at Nature Discovery we found autumn fruits to harvest, they were up the high track beside the climbing rocks. We ate the blackberries, and today we are going to make crab apple jelly at Kindergarten.

Martha said "I tasted everything - it was yummy. I got blackberry juice on my fingers. Mia got a blackberry face from eating them"
Lucy said "I collected 8 apples - some people got them of for me and some I picked myself."
Toni said "I picked blackberries they tasted like strawberries, I picked the crab apples.'
James Said "The blackberries tasted good, the bushes were prickly, I picked heaps of apples, I tasted one but it was it was a wee bit sour."
Riyanna said "I didn't like the blackberries."
Agustin said "We were picking the berries, and some apples, I got seven I think"

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