Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fixing the Gnuff's House

We had been told that the Gnuff's house was damaged so we took some wire along with us to see if we could fix it. When we saw it, we found that one side of it had fallen down with the trees that had been thinned out. Today, we had two Dads (Tim & Andrew) helping us and they quickly set to work reliving their childhood escapades. The children helped pull the fallen house logs into a pile and some pruned the leaves off the fallen trees so that they could be used. Others decorated the existing sides with drawings. Here are a couple of stories from the children about happened.

James: "The Gnuff House is broken cos one log falled down on top of it. We fixed it. We fixed it with the strong wood. I helped pull the logs out. Hamish's Dad fixed it. He put the logs up. He put the roof on the logs."

Riyanna: "At the Gnuff house there is a rainbow. It's sunny. There is a bird, he's going to the rainbow. There are deer at the Gnuff house, they are making sure it's alright. The bird and the deer, they talk to the Gnuffs. The Gnuffs will be happy we fixed their house."

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