Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Camp cooking

Yay, today we got to test out our new fire, that was purchased with a Meridian Energy grant. The fire arrived all the way from Germany, we had been waiting very patiently for the fire ban to be lifted. After a team Hui at Kindergarten the day before it was decided that we would make pikelets. Setting up the new fire was very exciting, we had to look at the little level to make sure our fire was level and sturdy. We didn't want our pikelets sliding off. Everybody got a turn at doing something and it was a well stirred batter by the end of it which is probably why they tasted so good. The light drizzle made the baking and cooking experience so much more fun and everybody agreed they were the best tasting pikelets except for the black bits. As a side attraction the rain had made a little a mudslide which some of us enjoyed sliding down.

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