Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fun in Fiordland

March 7th 2012
Another day in paradise. It looked like we were going to get some rain so we headed for the trees where the bouncy trees branches were. On the way we found a great place to have morning tea so decided to stay there. We hung up the swing, found another bouncy tree, a tree stump with baby Huhu grubs and beetles and plenty of sticks to create with.
Lukas and Chelsea set to work making things with the sticks using the plastic ties to hold them together.
Lukas's Story: "I was trying to make a four and a five but it came out like a jet plane with rocket boosters and boomers. I used sticks and plastic ties to hold it together so it don't break apart. My Mum helped me, she hold it for me."
We also made a bow and arrow with the sticks and string. We had turns at trying it out. It was quite hard learning how to make the arrow fly.
Joshua said, "Sage's Dad pointed the arrow and it did fly."
Sage said," I got to fly the arrow. I fired it , you pull the string back and then let it go. My Dad, he picked up the arrow and he helped me make a sword."
Chelsea said, "I made a airplane with sticks and ties. I did the ties up so they would stuck together. Lukas's Mum helped me tie them up and held the sticks and I tightened up."
Gabi said, " I drew a picture on some bark. it was easy because it was real flat."

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  1. Hi there. Not quite sure if you got my last blog. I am a ECE teacher in Wainui (Fantails)and I have a group of boys interested in making a camp fire. I have researched on the net and contacted my local fire department. Do you have some helpful tips re fire saftey policy you may be able to share. Kind Regards Sharon