Monday, July 23, 2012

Exploring in Fiordland

Wednesday July 18th

Today was showery and a little windy so we decided to explore the area that we have named the "Pines".  It is very sheltered from the wind and rain.
We found a small tree stump and a log to make a seesaw.  But when Connor and Poppy tried it, the log broke.  We looked closely at the log and discovered that the wood inside was soft and crumbly, that was why it broke so easily.  Another theory put forward by one of the children was that Connor was too big.  We found another that was firmer and Mason and Poppy tested it this time.  It worked perfectly.  We had fun having turns.
"The seesaw started to get some cracks and then it was soft inside and it was all mushy.  And then we had to go and get a new log.  I had a turn with Poppy, it was fun."  said Georgia.

Connor saw something interesting in the distance so we all went to investigate.  We found a tree that had fallen over and left a big holes where the roots had been.

We could climb down into the hollow it had made. It was quite dark in the corner and Hayden found a hole that looked like a cave.  We used the torches to see if there was anything inside but it was empty.  The roots sticking out looked a little bit like glow worms hanging down.

We had great fun looking for bugs and climbing on top to look down at the others inside.

"Actually I was digging for treasure and I find nothing. I found some holes, I shined my torch to try and look for something, I was trying to look for a spider.  The storm last time blowed the tree over so it made a big hole." said Connor

 Georgia and Mason found a hut and decided that it needed more stick on it.  While they were searching they found an interesting looking log and decided that it looked like a rocket.  We found a special place to stand it up near the hut so that the next time we go to the "Pines" we can play with it.

"We found it at the branches and the rocks.  The rocket was about to blast off.  We took a photo of me and Mason at the rocket.  It was about 50 metres big." said Georgia.

We had a great day.  Even on days that are windy and showery, we can still have lots of FUN!!!!!

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