Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fun in Fiordland

Wednesday 13th June
Today the children decided to go to the Gnuff's House but on the way we passed the hill going down to the climbing trees.  We had fun running up and down the hill so decided to stay for awhile.
 We found sticks and long pieces of bark to make a high jump to jump over.  We couldn't get it very high as it kept falling over.  We had fun having turns to jump over it.
 Next, we made a huge pile on leaves to jump into.  There were so many leaves that they soon covered our legs.  This gave us an idea to cover ourselves so you could only see our faces.
 It was fun.    Jack's dog thought so too and kept trying to join us so we covered him up and Judy took this photo. 
 Here are Hannah and Georgia all covered up.  We can only see their faces.
 After morning tea, we headed off to the Gnuff's House to show Jack's Dad as he had never seen it before.  Jack and Hayden couldn't find the bouncy log so Jack's Dad found two logs and wedged them into the other logs so we could have two new bouncy logs.  
 There were many tiny branches sticking out on them so we had to cut them off before we could sit on them.  Jack got straight to work with the secateurs and soon they were ready.
 Hayden and Jack tested the bouncy log to make sure that it work work properly.  Then we had fun bouncing on them.  We pretended that we were having a horse race  against each other.  
It was fun!!!!

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