Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our great find

This week at Nature Discovery has been amazing.  On Monday we decided to go for a walk on the track, I suggested we go really slow so we could explore the side of the track and the ground in front of us, you never know what you will find.  Hunter was the first to make a magical discovery, there sitting on the edge of the track was a spiny head stick insect.  It was bright green, long and in no hurry to go anywhere.  Some children were very brave and let it climb on them, others were quite happy to stand back and just watch as the stick insect explored us.  Lilli was very brave, the stick insect liked her so much it crawled up to the top of her head!  After we had had a long look and talk about the stick insect we put it back where we found it so it could continue on its journey.  As Winter is leaving us and spring is making it presence, the children are noticing the changes in the trees and other plants.  There is no better way to look at these changes than being up the tree.  The view up there is great too we can see more that is happening on the ground and around the park.

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