Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fiordland visited by the bug man Rudd Kleinpaste

Lilli :– Rudd brought Dorothy, an insect, a weta, her back legs sticked on to my hand.  He helped us find bugs – millipedes, caterpillars and spiders.  He was funny when he hided his cap in his arms.  Please come and see us again.
Children showing Rudd the rotten log we visit to find insects
 We had very exciting visits to Nature Discovery Rudd Kleinpaste the "Bug Man"and Di Paton from Kids Restore New Zealand.
We met at the shed, introduced ourselves and then the children took great delight in showing our visitors around the Park.

First we took them to the rotten log where we often find insects. We found millipedes, caterpillars and spiders.
Rudd then brought out Dorothy the Weta which the children absolutely loved.  The photos tell the story.

Morgan:-  I was looking after him, welcoming him. Rudd you had a weta on your nose, you were crying with a weta on your nose. Rudd, he told us about the bugs we find there, - dark bugs.  I was very brave and let the weta on me and I didn’t move. Mum said he has a new appreciation of insects, so much so, that it took 20 minutes to bike to Kindergarten because he didn’t want to bike over any bugs!”

Ollie -: I like his weta I liked holding it.  Please come again.  I hope we find a stick insect next time

Chris:  Rudd helped us look for bugs. 

Jazmine:-  Thankyou Rudd for telling us about the bugs.  I like Rudd

 The children then took our visitors to the Gnuff house and then on to where we found the stick insect last week.

Thanks Rudd and Di for visiting we really enjoyed your company.

Talia :– I found a bug with Rudd – a caterpillar, and a millipede. He was funny.

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