Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finding a Tui

It's always a sad surprise when we discover a dead native bird.  Today we found a dead Tui, the children took turns at sharing their thoughts about how it died.  What made this discovery a wee bit different was this Tui was wearing a tag on it's leg.  We decided that we should take the Tui to the DOC staff at the bird park so they could investigate a bit more about the tag for us.  While at the bird park we got to feed some ducks they came right up to us and took the grass from our hands.  We also saw the Takehe and John showed us the special part of the plant they eat.  We stripped the hard outer layer of the tussock off and inside was a nice white middle, this is the part the Takehe like, John said that we could eat it too so we all had a taste some liked it and some of us didn't.  Another exciting event to happen was Jasper's pet duck Wilson came to see us.  He has grown into a nice big Paradise duck, Wilson was very friendly and let us touch him, I think he remembered us.  Paris our visiting College student managed to catch a mallard duck and the children were very excited to be able to see the different colours, the nice soft feathers under it's wing and touch it's webbed feet.  All in all a very exciting day at Nature Discovery, no wonder we are all a wee bit tired this afternoon.  

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