Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fun in the Sun in Fiordland

Wednesday 7th November 2012

It was a beautiful sunny Fiordland day at Nature Discovery.
We decided to go to the 'Rotten Log' to see if the water had gone.
When we got there, we discovered that there was even more water than last time.
We all had fun exploring and discovering different ways to get up the grassy hill.  Some of us went through the water and others skirted around the edges to find tracks through the scrub.
We had fun playing in the water, you could see the grass floating near the top of the water.  It made the puddle look green.  Kaira loved being in the water, feeling the grass and finding logs hidden under the water.

 There was a log stretching across the water and going up above the bank on the other side.  We all enjoyed the challenge of balancing as we crossed it. One branch looked like the antlers on a deer so we called it a 'Stag Tree.  
 Kaira said, "I like climbing to the top and then I sat on the top.  It is a Stag tree because it has antlers ears like a real deer.  It feeled lumpy and I can see far away places."
 Greer said, "I'm jumping in the puddle.  It was cold and I got wet.  I balanced on the tree, it was a bit tricky.  I climbed the tree and I saw a birdie."
 Nina said, "I had lots of fun playing on the tree and in the puddle.  I got really messy and I fell in. We didn't take out the tools, that was really good, we didn't have to tidy up. The water was really gooey."
 Grace and Tom found tracks to get up the hill and found a nice place in the sun in the grass where they could see what everyone was doing.
Grace said, " I played in the mud and sit on the big hill.  I saw all the people down in the mud, playing in the mud and having morning tea too.   I liked it up on the hill cos it was comfy."
 Tom said, " I crashed through the bushes cos I had to get through straight ahead in the middle of the bushes. I got to the top of the hill.  I saw people and grass and I pulled the grass.  It was a bit comfy.  I saw stuff that I couldn't see when I was on the ground."

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