Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rock Jumping in Fiordland

Students from Fiordland College were at Ivon Wilson Park clearing and cleaning up the park as well as using the mountain bike track.  While we were at the Gnuff's house, Matiu and Jacob from Fiordland College stopped to give us something they had found in the park. They had found Charlie's photo and whistle that had come off his jacket the week before.  Charlie was so happy to get it back as he thought that it was lost forever. He kept blowing the whistle to make sure that it still worked.

 While at the Gnuff's house, Grace and Chloe thought that the branches were poking out and could poke our eyes.  Chloe said, " We used the clippers to cut the branches because they might poke me in the eye." Grace and Chloe assessed the risk to others and themselves and found a solution to minimize the risk or danger to others.
 After morning tea we decided to go to the "Roly- poly hill" where we have fun running up and down the hill and rolling down it. Greer said, "I am running down the hill. I liked I cos it was sunny. Grace, Chloe and me run down and Ella stayed up there."
 "We found the pinecones that were sharp and green.Then they were brown and they were at the top of the branch.  The green ones were at the bottom at the end of the branch." said Cody.  It is always amazing to find different things in nature and the children are very observant, noticing any little thing had is different or new.
 We decide to go to the large platform to feed any ducks but instead of ducks we found college kids learning to fish and not a duck in sight. Instead we tried jumping from one rock to another.  It was a bit scary to make that first leap but everyone took up the challenge, being encouraged by their friends. Charlie was very determined to make it to the other rock, he finally had success after the third try.
Charlie said, "We were trying to jump to the rocks. I jumped on the ground by the rock and then I jumped on to the big rock. It was fun cos it was so much fun. It's cool cos it's fun. My friends did the same as me."
Grace said, "We were jumping at the jumping rocks.  It was fun cos I liked it, it was easy, I've done it before. Charlie and Chloe landed on the floor when they did it the first time."

On our travels we collected pinecones, leaves and gum nuts for Children's Day on Sunday 3rd March. We put them in a pile under some trees to use on Sunday.  When we got back to the shed, the College students had dropped of 2 bags of pinecones for us.  Some we will keep for our fire and some for Children's Day.  Another great sunny day in Fiordland.

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