Monday, February 25, 2013

We found a hedgehog

John helped us reset our stoat trap.  He showed us how it worked and we learned why we don't put our fingers near a set trap when it chopped a piece of wood in half.  We hope that it will catch stoats and rats that kill our beautiful native birds, and eat their food.

As we were walking along the new track we call "pine cone track"  we found a tiny baby hedgehog that had died.

We looked at it very carefully, it's spines were still a little soft so we decided it wasn't very old.  It's tummy was furry like a cat.  It had a very long snuffly nose to find insects, and little claws for scraping insects out.  When we looked closely we could see some eggs, and some tiny maggots.  We moved it carefully off the middle of the track and made a place for it to rest.  Next week we will visit it again to see how it has decayed.

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