Thursday, October 17, 2013

Risk taking & Improvising in Fiordland

Wednesday 16th October 2013

Today, Gabrialla pushed herself out of her comfort zone to climb to the end of the rotten log. She persevered until she reached her goal, not giving up even though it was a little bit scary.

Gabrialla's Story:
"I was having fun playing on the log.  John helped, he putted his hand here so I could push up on my tummy.  I started from there, all the way up to there. I putted my foot there and I holded onto the log. I feeled real good and I had fun."

It was Will's first day at Nature Discovery and he had a fantastic time making new discoveries.

Will's Story:
"I discovered this slide and I discovered the seesaw and the Nut (Gnuff) house.  The slide is made of dirt and grass.  It was on the bank.  I shared the slide with my friends.  It feeled like bumpy and dirty and it was good cos I discovered it myself."

Great improvisation Will!!!!

Lily made an umbrella to keep of the few spots of rain with materials that she found on the ground.

Lily's Story:
"One big leaf and one little stick, broken a little bit and put it in the leaf. I put my finger through it and holded it over my head, it was a umbrella."

Lily has an amazing imagination.  When we had story time inside the Gnuff house, Lily kept us all entralled with her stories.  Here are her stories that she told us - shortened versions that she retold the next day at Kindergarten.

Lily's Stories:
"I was in the Gnuff House and I told us a story.
The man was walking down the street and saw a car.  He said "hello".  He said "Arrgh, you are a alien." Then the man hopped in the car and the Alien drove away.  That was it.
And I did another story. It's called Butterfly field. The butterflies flying around the field.  The people don't know that the butterflies are flying around the field. And then next they catched one butterfly and then another butterfly and then one butterfly was left and finally they caught it in the jar with the others.  That's it - it's finished."

Another great day of discovery, improvising and imagination was had by all.

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