Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What bird is this? Detective work by Fiordland Kindergarten children

At Nature Discovery yesterday up by the shed the children found a dead bird. We took photos and then laid it to rest.  We had much discussion about what had happened to it and what sort of bird it was.
Will thought it had crash landed and that it "might be a native bird a native tui"
Zack thought it might of crash landed on a rock and that it was a sparrow.
Lily"I think it hit the shed - the shed door opened and closed and it got squashed". She thought it might be a tui.
Teagan thought it got squashed by a rock, and she thought it might be a blackbird
Ruby thought it might have crashed into the fence, and that it was a bellbird/korimako
Gabrialla thought it had banged into the ground and that it was a bellbird.
Neve thought it was killed by a stoat who tried to eat it, and that it was a bellbird.
Sasha thought it was squashed by a rock and that it was a bellbird.
Bailey "I think he is a baby bird, a colourful bird.  I think a cat got him or he must have crashed into a tree."

Back at Kindergarten today the teacher's downloaded the photo and as we had been studying the birds in our neighbourhood we already had many photos of other birds, found in Te Anau. We used these to identify our bird.
We looked at the photo of a tui and it wasn't that because the tui doesn't have a red head.
It wasn't the sparrow because the sparrow was only brown.
The black bird didn't have any yellow or red, it only had black so that wasn't the bird we found.
It wasn't the korimako/bellbird because the bell bird doesn't have a white tummy.
We said no to the starling even though it was colourful it was mostly black, and Will said "It has to have red on its head and white on the bottom."
It wasn't the chaffinch Lily said "It doesn't have any yellow"
Bailey to the redpole photo "It doesnt have the same wings with the black on the top its not the thrush because the thrush has spots". 
Then we came to the photo of the goldfinch.
Will "It 's that one the goldfinch because its got red and black and yellow and white on its tummy."
I held up the photo of the redpole who has a red head.  Zack "It's got red on its head but is doesn't have yellow."
Ruby "Its the goldfinch because it has yellow on its wings."
Neve "It has a yellow wing and red on its head. I think its a goldfinch."
Sasha "Its not all black, and it has yellow and white and red.  Its a goldfinch."
Iris thought it was a goldfinch too because it had all the colours in the right places.
Bailey "It's the same, its the same, it has the browny bit on top, a red face like that one, it has yellow on the wing and a black bit on top and it has a white tummy, its a goldfinch, a goldfinch.

wow what great detective work by the children of Fiordland Kindergarten to identify our bird.

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