Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Autumn at Fiordland Kindergarten Nature Discovery

Autumn time at Ivan Wilson Park is AMAAAAZING!  The colours are just so beautiful.  What person can resist shuffling through the leaves, and the joy of throwing them in the air.  Here the children are doing just that.

Then it was time to trick our friends, and hide each other in the leaves - Can you see Jack? 
On our travels today we went to the jumping rocks, and under the rock where we often find skinks we found a tiny baby skink - we were so excited. 
We all had fun jumping off and climbing on the rocks. 

Then we were off on another adventure to a part of the park we have only just discovered.  We found a really muddy patch and decided to camouflage our faces with mud.  Hayden put the mud on Richard! "Dad looked like an army man" said Beth.

"I put stuff on my face and it was cool.  Then I put mud on richard's face, it was gooey, it made me laugh", said Hayden.

Then it started to rain, we had fun catching the raindrops on our tongues.
"It felt splishy, splashy - it tasted yummy" said Lukas.

After lunch we went down to the singing log; we sang lots of songs with a very long version of Old McDonald.  the boys peeled off some of the log's bark, which attracted the fantails.  When we sat still they came very very close, almost sitting on our feet.  
They were so cute.

"I was quite surprised, that they came really close, and they flew around us" said Beth.

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