Monday, October 22, 2012

Spring in Fiordland

Wednesday 17th October 2012

What I beautiful day, Spring has sprung.

We had 5 new children to Nature Discovery so the other children thought that we should show them the Gnuff's house. We made some discoveries on the way.
Ella said, " We found flowers on the tree.  There were leaves on there.  The flower was pink when they was closed.  When they was open they was white."
 On the way we stopped at the Crab Apple Tree to see if there were any changes.  And there were!!!  It was covered in blossoms.
Kaira said, " I just saw a flower and I smelled it. It smelled nice.  The tree had flowers and leaves.  It didn't have anything when we saw it the first time."
 Nina said, "It was all flowery.  It had lots of red buds and nice leaves.  Some of the leaves in the stormy days had fallen off."
 The climbing trees had new leaves too.  One tree had red stalks and new green leaves starting to sprout.
Kaira said, " The climbing tree, it had buds.  They are like flowers, they are little buds for now.  The old leaves have fallen off and now they are growing new leaves."
 After lunch back at the shed, we played in the mud puddles by the dirt hills.
Tom said, "I was playing in the mud with Grace. It was like a mud bath, pigs play in mud. I slipped on the mud, I got my hand dirty.  Grace printed the mud on the board and the tree.  I liked the mud cos it was lovely to get dirty in the mud."
 Grace decided to put hand prints on the tree and soon everyone joined in to decorate the tree.  She then decorated the ramp with hand prints.
 Nina said, "The mud was really dirty.  I played sticking the trees with mud because it was fun."
 Kaira said, "We were putting hand prints on the tree cos we used the mud.  We put our hand in it and then we put it on the tree like 'high fives'.  I liked playing in the mud cos I got dirty.  I put mud on my face cos I wanted to, to make me look funny and make me laugh."
 Tom said, "Grace printed mud on the tree."
Ella said, "I putted mud on the tree.  I putted my hands in the mud.  I feeled like I was touching the tree.  I like playing in the mud cos I really like MUD."
Another great day.  The look of joy on the children's faces and discovery and inventiveness while playing in the mud is priceless.  Such a fabulous medium to enjoy!!!

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