Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fiordland Kindergarten: planting our kowhai trees

Over the past two years at Fiordland Kindergarten, we have been working on a propagation project. We have collected the seeds dropped from our Kowhai tree and planted them.

The original children collecting the seeds in 2014
This project began in June 2014; where the children collected the original seedlings to propagate. In February of 2015 we re-potted the 250 seedlings to give them space to grow. Later in the term more seeds were collected and planted.

Re-potting and planting new seeds 2015

Now, finally, in May 2016, some of our first seedlings have grown large enough to be planted up at Ivon Wilson park.
Today Mrs Shaw's Wednesday group brought the tallest seedlings up to Nature Discovery. They were carefully planted and watered and given the best start possible in their new home. Hopefully in many years to come they will provide shelter and enjoyment for the future generations of children using the park.

Children planting the kowhai seedlings Wednesday March 11
Planting is the act of putting down roots and contributing to the future. The simple act of planting a tree helps the environment in many ways:
* It filters pollution from the air
* Helps to recycle water
* Prevents soil loss
* Creates shade
*Gives shelter from the wind and rain
* Provides a home for animals
* Makes food for humans and wildlife
* Provides an interesting, soothing learning environment for people

Propagating seedlings introduces children to the nature of science, the living world and environmental education. Seed germination is a great way to introduce concepts; such as plant life cycles, flowering, pollination, reproduction, dispersal, growth, biological diversity and interaction with each other and with the non-living environment.
The children have learned that it is not a process which happens quickly, but something that can take many years; some of the children's younger siblings, who were babies when this job began, are now taking part in this project themselves.

Mo taatou te Taiao ko te Atawhai
Mo taatou te Taiao ko te Oranga
It is for us to care for the environment
to ensure it's well being
In doing so we ensure our own wellbeing
and that of future generations.


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