Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fun in the rain

It was a wet Monday at Nature Discovery last week. After all of the rain in the weekend and the rain in the morning, everything was drenched and flooded.
The tamariki had lots of fun exploring the changes to the environment caused by the rain.
Thankfully, it wasn't too wet to plant Karmen's tree for her last Nature Discovery ceremony.
John had the great idea of putting some dish-washing detergent in the puddles the children had lots of fun playing with the bubbles.
Some of the puddles were so deep (chest height) that we could go swimming in them!
Tracey went to take a running leap into a puddle, made a perfect landing, but the mud was so slippery, she fell. This was cause for a lot of amusement, and soon some of the children thought it would be a good idea to join her in the mud.
To warm us up, after all of that splashing, John made some gingerbread balls. Unfortunately they ended up getting burnt, but they smelt delicious. We ended up eating piklets instead. It was a wonderful wet Monday!


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