Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mud and leaves

We had a very fun morning last Wednesday at Nature Discovery. Our first mission was to help Archie plant his 'last day tree.' We loaded up the wagon full of the tools we needed and Archie insisted on pulling it all the way to the planting area.
As Archie and his mum worked on digging the hole, the other children found an enticing puddle on the other side of the path. Soon they were all wading in the knee high, freezing water and having lots of fun.
Most just enjoyed the experience of stomping up and down in the large puddle, but a few were very intrigued with the mud. Nova spent ages collecting mud in her (gloved) hands, exploring how it slopped from her hands back into the puddle.
Mud is a great sensory experience for children.  There is something about exploring the properties of  mud; feeling the textures of it oozing through their fingers,  that encourages our children to  keep on squelching through the puddles and manipulating it with their fingers.
After getting warmed up and changing into dry clothes, we went to the top of Roly Poly Hill and made a huge pile of autumn leaves. The tamariki then took turns leaping into the pile. As you can tell by the smiles in the following photographs, this was heaps of fun.
After jumping in all those leaves, we were hungry, so we went to Pine Cone World, set up the swing and got morning tea on the go. We spent the rest of the morning relaxing at Pine Cone World: playing on the swing, in the hut and climbing trees. There was even an impromptu game of tug-of-war.


We finished the session with some delicious fresh pancakes, brought along by Archie to celebrate his tree planting ceremony. Thanks to Katie and our Japanese visitor Yokako for all their help today.


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